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Resolutions vs Intentions

Well, hello 2023. We’re now a few days in, and still getting acquainted. Your predecessor was pretty sweet, and I hope you’re the same.

Many of us this time of year turn to resolutions to kick start the new year. We set big, audacious, life-changing goals. We resolve to eliminate bad habits, amend behaviors, and take up new lifestyle choices. More leafy greens. Less fried foods.

Workouts and meditations or hot yoga every day. Kicking the booze.

I’m not going to lie, I flirted with the idea of adopting one--or more--of these. But January is the hardest month. It’s cold, dark, with no promise of an upcoming holiday. I didn’t want to set myself up for failure so early in the year.

So instead of a radical diet change, or attempting a Dryuary, I’m going with Tryuary, leaning into intentions as opposed to resolutions. There’s a big difference between the two. I’m choosing to embrace flexibility as opposed to the strict structures those January resolutions offer us.

I’ve set my intentions for the year, and know that incremental change steps will lead to a lasting and sustainable path toward improvement. Cut back here, add more there.

Everything in moderation, after all.

Among the most important of my 2023 intentions? Continuing to reach and stretch and write as the world returns to travel. I’ll continue to craft great content for the outlets that have already entrusted me to do so; I am so grateful for them! I also intend to kick impostor syndrome to the curb and start pitching moonshot ideas to moonshot outlets and editors.

I intend to get out there even more than last year to experience new cultures, meet new people, forge new relationships, and discover new stories to tell.

And lastly, I intend to bring each of you along on the journey--no matter where it might take me. You can read along every step of the way on my social channels, via my commissioning outlets, and of course, right here.

2023, let’s do this!



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