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On the Road Again…

Can't wait to visit iconic Oslo in just a couple of weeks!

Well, it’s been a relatively quiet few months. I’ve been busy with bylines, thankfully, but travel really wound down after our London Christmas whirlwind. Spring Training has come to a close (if you know, you know!) and our little family is catching its breath for a hot minute.

But just a minute. Because it’s going to be go-time again very soon.

Two weeks from today, I head out on a fantastic European adventure, and will be adding two new countries to my visit list. I’m so excited to be a guest aboard Holland America Line’s Rotterdam for the company’s 150thanniversary celebration. After the bash, which will be held in the ship’s namesake city, we sail the North Sea with stops in Oslo and Copenhagen. I’m already trying to figure out how to see as many tulip fields as possible while in the Netherlands. The timing is perfect—they should be ablaze with color. I just can’t wait!

While I’m ready to take off again and explore two fabulous new cities, I’m also super-excited to dive into the cruise line’s long and interesting history. During the European immigration boom of the 1870s and 1880s, Holland America was responsible for bringing one of every ten immigrants to Ellis Island. I had no idea! It’s a remarkable story, one that I previewed for my friends at TravelAwaits (my story should post this week…), and one I look forward to learning even more about once I’m onboard.

Of course, while I wish I could take you all along with me, I encourage you to do the next best thing: follow along on Insta at @eebsworthgoold!



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