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When the Weekend Goes to the Dogs…

Well, at least I’ve got a great supervising editor!

It’s been a weekend full of research and writing in advance of National Dog Day. In case you didn’t know, it’s coming up on Friday, August 26. Of course, for many of us, every day is National Dog Day…but I digress.

I’m putting together a couple of features for my friends at TravelAwaits about taking your dog along on your adventures, and the best places to stay…in some cases for free, in others, in the lap of luxe.

Hitting the road, the rails, and flying the friendly skies with your dog is on the rise…and the hospitality industry is taking notice in new ways. A recent survey showed that 93% of respondents planned to travel with their beloved pooch this summer. And guess what? They’re not going to stay anywhere where their doggo isn’t welcome.

That’s exactly what my new articles will address. The first takes a look at the difference between “pet-friendly” and “budget-friendly.” Many hotels and resorts will charge pretty high rates for cleaning or other associated fees for letting Fido stay with you.

Many, but not all.

I dug in and found a wide range of chains—from economy to luxe/posh—where at many properties, there’s no extra cost for a dog to tag along. This can really cut down a vacation budget, or at the very least save you enough for a splurge dinner.

Speaking of splurges, the second trend I researched this weekend is all about the over-the-top experiences some hoteliers have put together for our four-legged friends. Not going to lie, some of them will cost you, but from special menus and organic site-baked treats to a custom photo session, the perks are pretty amazing.

Both articles will hit TravelAwaits this week, and I’ll be sure to post them here of course.

As for Marv? She’s already well-traveled at the tender age of 11 months. We brought her along on a holiday trip to Denver back in December, where she charmed everyone at the historic and iconic Brown Palace Hotel downtown. Fun fact: she wasn’t the only Cavalier there, either. We spotted a couple more during our stay. The staff there made all of us—including our pup—feel welcome. And that’s the way it should be—they are family, after all.

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